I have had several folks contact me in the last few days, asking how they can shake off the winter baggage! Cleaning out your body or de-toxing is not as bad as you think! The word probably reminds you of those weird 80s lemon-water-and-pepper liquid fasts that were supposed to make you lose 10 inches in 3 days. Some recoiled at the idea, while those brave enough to try it were left with burning tongues and dashed dreams. However, the cleansing I am talking about is not a fad diet or miracle pill. This is the real thing. It is the process of cleaning out taxing toxins and stored waste in order to lay a foundation for a healthy diet that will last! Throughout this whole week, I'll be revealing some  amazing tips when it comes to cleaning your system without having to stick to a rigid program and I hope it'll inspire you to reconsider the benefits of a cleanse. Stay tuned for more information  throughout this week. You'll be ready to host a spring cleaning of your own!

Cleaning out your system comes with a few cons and a whole lot of pros! Now as you know, cleansing  releases stored waste and toxins, and those don't go down without a fight. So in the time span of eating cleaner, it is common to have:

  • Breakouts
  • Headaches
  • Runny nose
  • Fatigue

But don't let those departing toxins discourage you! If you follow up your detox with a healthy lifestyle, be sure to expect these benefits:

  • Clear skin
  • Clear eyes
  • Lack of sickness and fatigue
  • Lack of cellulite (yay)
  • Better memory and brain efficiency

So the bottom line is, you have the key  to unlocking these amazing prizes, and as soon as you realize that, be ready to experience positive changes. In my opinion making time to do this, will help you lay down  a clean foundation, and the structure you build upon may just keep you alive and well for many years!

*Please note that it is always important to speak to your health care professional before making any lifestyle changes.