During October, I felt led to present 4 trial cooking classes, a wellness talk and a trial group class to test my facility to make sure it was running smoothly. They were wonderful and what a joy it was to receive pictures as the participants went home to remake the recipes and to hear how their families enjoyed them.

Herewith are the upcoming classes for November and December. In November, I’ll be working hard to plan the classes for January through April. Please let me know what topics would interest you, bearing in mind that January everyone wants to get healthy. I value your feedback!

I will also be offering group/corporate talks where I’ll demonstrate one dish and will customize the talk according to what topic the group wants. This will be for homeschool groups, corporate and bible study groups etc. The duration of this class will be 2 hours. Price: Packages starting at $250 for up to 10 people. The more people attending, the more economical it will be. Call or email Leré for your custom quote.