Several years ago I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (IC),  a condition where the bladder is chronically inflamed. I spent two years trying to get a diagnosis, seeing doctor after doctor, and finally after much of my own research, it was confirmed through having a cystoscopy. I was in chronic, daily pain, and there were times I couldn’t even walk to the mailbox .  I tried to understand this condition and find ways for a cure, but no medicine or medical procedure helped. I turned to alternate ways of healing , and truly prayed God would lead me to what I needed.  Leré was one of those answers to prayer!!!  I already knew there were many foods I couldn’t eat, but through Leré, I really began to understand not only what I could eat, but how healing food could be! I had never heard of kale, never thought about green smoothies, and definitely never considered how much raw food I should eat. Leré described how vitally important green foods are and that the nutrients I eat mean nothing unless they reach the cells,  something that was also new to me. I have always had such a sweet tooth, but truly didn’t know how sugar was making me even sicker, as it is inflammatory and only added to my pain. She walked a road with me, and encouraged me along the way. She introduced me to an incredible line of AIM whole food concentrates, which has made adding greens and veggies to my diet easy, especially when I travel. My whole family enjoys it!

I am happy to say today I am 95% healed! Lere’s counsel has been invaluable to me. Her passion for helping people, her knowledge of the body and eating healthy is truly amazing! I praise God for her life and how she is constantly giving talks to help people improve their lifestyle. If you haven’t been to one of her talks, or seen her on TV, I really encourage you to find out how you can. You will be greatly blessed by it!