Why  I love AIM products and Barley Life

I first began using the aim products about  4 years ago.  At first, I just tried a few  beginning in (March) 2011. I began taking the AIM Barley powder and the probiotics.  Both of these greatly improved my health.  I used to have seasonal allergies and they have almost disappeared after 4 years of consistent use.  I rarely get sick, even when I have loved ones with a flu virus.  We travel often internationally to remote places in Africa,  and I can be certain I am getting all of the  vitamins and nutrients I need.

As time went on, I added a few other items to my daily routine.  I love the AIMega to get my essential oils, and CalciAim to help with bone density.  Most recently, I added the Herbal Fiber Blend to my regiment.  It is so helpful to keep my digestion strong, especially when traveling makes it difficult to get enough fiber in your diet. Now that I am 50 years old, I have begun using the AIM Renewed Balance cream to help with the symptoms of menopause.

To improve my performance in tennis, I love the products such as PRO PEAS protein powder,  Peak endurance drink mix, and the Beets juice supplement – Red Rush. 

There are so many wonderful products that are helping my family to achieve great health each day.  Leré Robinson has coached me and helped me to find just the right products for our needs.  She is a wonderful friend and also an expert health coach.  Give AIM a  try  - you won’t be disappointed.