As many of you know, about a year and a half ago, on February 12, 2013, at the age of 38, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. A week later after having surgery to remove the cancer I learned that I was in stage 4 and it had spread to my pancreas and liver. Needless to say I was devastated.

Shortly after this first surgery Shawn and I both felt convicted that we wanted to do everything possible to give my body the ability to recover well and fight disease. While our eyes were firmly focused on Christ and the hope of the gospel in the midst of suffering, our heart’s desire was to learn and understand more and more about nutrition and food.

Lere Robinson, a nutritional consultant out of Irmo, SC, was recommended to us by several friends. So about a week after my first surgery we went to meet with her. Shawn and I were overwhelmed by Lere’s vast knowledge of the body and its relationship to food. She introduced us to so many new ideas about eating and nutrition and frankly, at the time, it was a bit overwhelming. As I journeyed through chemotherapy and tried to do as much as I possibly could to put good things in my body I am now convinced it helped me withstand the toxic nature of the chemo drugs and their side effects. We can never fully know how God is working in any situation, but I do believe that one of the redemptive side effects of my cancer has been the resolve and determination to understand food and my body better and to help my family do the same.

We have continued to walk this journey after cancer, I’m happy to say, and to grow slowly and steadily in taking better care of our bodies. Our whole family began taking Barleylife right after meeting with Lere and we have taken it for close to two years now. We have also tried to implement a lot more raw fruits and veggies in our everyday diet. We do the best we can by making changes one step at a time. For example, the Peak Endurance has been a good alternative to sports drinks for my children. And I’m looking forward to trying the AIM cleanse after the first of the year. I will be the first person to tell you that I do not eat perfectly, nor does my family, but there is no doubt that we are growing and improving and making better choices every day.

I believe nutrition is like so many other things in that I need to be constantly encouraged and reminded that it is important and worth my effort, and because I believe that wholeheartedly, I am thrilled and excited to introduce you to my good friend, Lere Robinson.