Shirley Crew

About a year ago I went to my physician because I was having trouble breathing & shortness of breath. After several tests, he concluded that it was either allergies or anxiety. He then put me on an inhaler & mild anti-depressant. This freaked me out as I didn't want to be dependent on prescribed medicine for a long-term. My good friend , Leré Robinson suggested I also try AIM Composure. A natural supplement that helps with calmness & relaxation. Wow, it has been amazing! It took a while to work because like all natural supplements it needs time to work into your system but then I believe it's more sustainable for a longer period. I'm not sure what I'd do without it! I've seen the difference when I decided to not use composure for a few weeks & and could clearly feel a difference! Thank you Leré at Alive Again and The Aim Companies for providing a product that is affordable, natural, healthy & that really works!