At the presentation last evening, I was very impressed with what Lere said about how much even small changes can make a big difference and impact in our health. That statement was like a lightbulb coming on for me because it's easy to feel so overwhelmed by diet suggestions and make no changes. She told us how her friend takes one thing away from each presentation. I liked that and feel like I am ahead of the game because I have already put a couple of the items into action and want to learn more.  I was not sick a day in my life until I got cancer at age 57. I never smoked and drink so little that it can't even be counted as a social drinker, so I am thinking my diet and environmental factors had the biggest impact on my diagnosis. Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and would like to attend the event to learn more. Lere's presentation was not the typical status-quo nutrition class and was refreshingly different and informative.