Serving Up a Healthy Super Bowl

I must confess, that I grew up watching Rugby in South Africa and that your game of Football was brand new to me when we emigrated ten years ago. I have come to appreciate just how much Americans love their football tailgates!

Super Bowl Sunday is around the corner. It is estimated that anywhere from 2400 - 5000 calories can be eaten by folks indulging in their favorite football fare. Here are a few healthy additions I made for the television segment I did for WIS-TV this week to show viewers how to score with healthier snacks that can be just as delicious with fewer calories. We want to watch linebackers - not eat like them!

I always encourage folks to focus on adding more healthy foods to their menu’s. I made a delicious Polenta pizza with a basil pesto topped with veggies and sun-dried tomatoes. This proved to be a winner with all who tasted it! It can also be served with a fresh salad.

Find the recipe here:

Polenta Pizza with Veggies
Polenta Pizza with Pesto
Polenta with Pizza Veggies and Cheese

Trying to cut back on alcohol? Why not try a delicious Kombucha spritzer. I mixed equal quantities of ginger and lemon kombucha, seltzer/soda water, crushed ice, fresh mint leaves and fresh grapefruit or orange wedges! Kombucha is a lightly fermented tea beverage with a whole array of health and probiotic benefits. It is so easy to brew, and I encourage you to try it. I have been brewing my own for three years now, and we love it!

Another great drink is to fill a clear glass pitcher with water and add fresh mint and fruit of your choice. Let it infuse for eight hours and serve with crushed ice. It is so refreshing and has no calories.

Kombucha Spritzers
Infused Water

When it comes to dips, they can be loaded with calories, fat and sodium. Consider swapping out high-fat dips for hummus or a healthy 7-layer dip. Switch refined white tortilla chips for whole grain black bean, flax or quinoa chips. This beet hummus I made with the freshly cut veggies, not only tasted great, but the colors looked so beautiful and appetizing.

Find the Beet Hummus recipe here:

Here are three delightful 7-layer dip recipes for you to try.

Cut Veggies
Olives, Tomatoes and Cilantro

What is a party without dessert? Exchange high-refined sugar desserts for my raw Cocoa Bites. I have so many families around the world that make these weekly. They are a great go-to snack when craving something sweet or as a pre-workout snack. Find the recipe here:

Alternatively, fresh fruit skewers or fruit kebabs are always a winner and bring color to your Super Bowl snack table! 


These colorful fruit kebabs will be a hit!

Fruit Kebabs

If you will be watching the Super Bowl this week, enjoy yourself, have a great time. I hope these ideas inspire you to search for healthier alternatives!

Until next time.


Lere Robinson