Introducing Lere's Barn


I am so excited to finally share my vision with you! It’s been in the pipeline for a very long time and it is finally happening. What a walk of faith this has been for us! Reconstruct, redesign and redecorate. That’s the vision God gave us over two years ago when we felt His confirmation to take the existing old red barn on our fixer-upper property and convert it into a place where health, and ultimately lives, can be changed forever – all under the roof of a tired barn that just needs new life breathed into it. We’ve been doing much of the work ourselves with the little money we had. It has been a family affair and as a team of five, we all continue to trust for the fulfillment of this vision.

It is an exciting road, but it’s a path that requires money. Leré is passionate about helping people change their eating lifestyles so they can be healthy and happier. As a nutrition consultant with advice and instruction widely sought-after, this busy mom teaches how to choose real foods and prepare them in a way that benefits – and is enjoyed – by the whole family. Lere’s Barn will be a comfortable venue where Leré can teach you to make nutrient-dense salads, vitamin-packed smoothies, and delicious vegetable dishes. And sweetness will fill the air of the barn as she shows you how to prepare some of her favorite desserts that are completely healthy. She will also do her wellness talks and share the AIM whole food products with those that attend her classes.

We have had two large windows and a door installed.  The bulk of the plumbing is in and the electrics are roughed in. We are about to proceed with the bricking up two of the walls and installing the insulation and the sheet rock. The barn still needs an AC, appliances, tables and chairs.


On Saturday evening, September 10, 2016, we hosted a Barn Raiser and it went really well. Eleven people came and we were amazed at how well everyone got along.  Beforehand I prepared a lovely meal which we served in the barn.  After that I shared the scriptures God gave us 10 years ago, before we even moved to the States.  They speak about rebuilding places in ruin and we always felt that the Lord will give us a property that is a fixer upper.  He certainly did and the barn was an added bonus as part of the deal.  Two years ago, while in South Africa, God spoke to us very clearly that it is time to fix the barn up as a place where I can do cooking lessons, health & nutrition talks and AIM product promotion.  After sharing this I told them about all the times I had to do talks in other places where the facilities were not ideal and I often had to carry heavy containers around or struggled cleaning up afterwards.  I longed to have my own place and one day, without realizing that we have a barn, a businessman friend of ours in South Africa suggested I look for one.  He was amazed when I told him we have a barn on our property!  

After that Eddie took over and spoke about the fact that the Barn Raiser is really about the community coming together, helping to complete the barn.  Much like the Amish do.  He then also explained that the return on investment will be that the barn will be like a people magnet.  People will enjoy it so much that they will tell others and would want to come back.  I will gain financially too as I do the cooking lessons, health talks and promote AIM products.  Lives will be changed! He then shared photos of what the barn looked like before we started and then pointed to the same areas.  They were amazed at the change.  Finally, Eddie showed them the list of everything that needs to be done and explained what tasks have been completed and what needs to happen next.  He challenged everyone to help raise the barn by contributing financially.  Everyone shared afterwards that they really believe this vision is from the Lord and that they’d like to be involved as the He leads them.  

We would like to invite you to be part of this exciting undertaking that will positively affect the lives of so many in our community. Should you be willing to contribute, you can give in two ways:

  1. A check made payable to Leré Robinson and mailed to 232 Bookman Mill Rd, Irmo, SC 29063

  2. Online through (they charge a 5% fee)