Do you fuel your body the right way?

Do you fuel your body the right way?.png

After having been on the tennis court for over two hours this morning, I experienced the benefit of fueling my body the right way. We went hiking this weekend and I picked up a bit of a bug. By the time I stepped on the court this morning, I felt pretty washed out and had no appetite.  I filled my tennis flask with ice, fresh lemon, fresh mint and water and made an amazing smoothie with coconut water, almond milk, baby spinach, blueberries, raspberries, half a frozen banana, 1 tablespoon of chia seed and 2 scoops of Propeas Protein powder.

After a 30 minute drive it was down and the game began. I felt light, nourished, drank water throughout the singles match, and sipped AIM Peak Endurance in-between as I knew that I needed my energy replenished. I won the first set 6-3 and was up in the second but started cramping. After being down by two games, I fought back and won the second set 7-6. If I had not fueled correctly and stayed hydrated, I would not have been able to finish the match.

I want to encourage folks to make sure you fuel your body properly before you leave the house. Remember, you want sustained energy without having to reach for that caffeine. Besides doing my part today, the Lord really helped me on the court today! He is so faithful.

Isabelle Carroll