Five Foundations For Health

Instead of embarking on reckless diets, it is far better to begin the process of laying a strong nutritional foundation for good health - one you can build on for the rest of your life. It is the difference between being stuck in your old ways and sticking with life-long fundamental principles that will help you achieve optimum wellness.

Cell Food
Your cells cannot survive without pure, whole, natural fresh foods as well as good quality whole food supplementation.

Cell Exercise
Exercise regularly at least one hour a day, including stretching and strengthening exercises along with 30-45 of aerobic activity at least four times a week.

Cell Environment
It is important that you drink enough clean water daily, especially first thing in the morning (with a squeeze of fresh lemon) and it is also helpful to drink 30-60 minutes before meals to satiate your body and minimize your appetite.

Cell Protection
A healthy immune system is the best defense against disease and illness which means proper nourishment, rest, and stress management.

Healthy Mental Attitude
Much can be said for a positive attitude yielding positive results. Laugh, be happy, and you are able to help your cells fight off illness and disease.

Three Simple Steps To Wellness

I feel that we should be applying the following three steps on a daily basis.
Eliminate those things that will result in poor health. Avoid foods that are processed which are mostly high fat and calorie dense including candy, cookies, sodas, chips, cheese, and too much red meat - especially processed meats. Avoid or reduce stress, reduce alcohol and avoid smoking. Cleaning the body (detoxification is vital). Toxins can be flushed from the body with the right foods such as fiber as well as AIM Herbal Fiberblend

If we try to build a diet around whole foods, drinking eight glasses of pure water each day as well as the correct supplements, our cells will be nourished to be their best. I use AIM Barley Life and AIMega.

Because we don't live in the mountains and grow our own barley or wheat grass and breathe pure fresh air, I believe that it is necessary to supplement ones diet with whole food supplements. I always encourage folks to replenish the body with the good fats. A good quality, essential fatty acid supplement in my opinion, is vital. 

Good Eating Habits

  • Add more raw veggies to your diet; try a veggie you have never eaten before

  • Eat more leafy greens: try a kale salad or make a quiche using Swiss chard and use baby spinach and darker lettuce varieties in your salads.

  • Snack on fresh fruit (an apple, pear, strawberries or blueberries) between meals with 6-12 almonds.

  • Exchange instant, high sugar oatmeal for old-fashioned oatmeal or steel cut oats.

  • Liven up your salads with a few raw nuts and seeds.

  • Replace refined carbohydrates with ancient grains like quinoa, millet and try black rice - delicious.

Isabelle Carroll