Go Green and Stay Healthy

Go Green and Stay Healthy.png

Chlorophyll is natures house cleaner. All greens have a cleansing effect on the body!

For those that find it difficult to eat greens, there is hope. My favorite whole food concentrates are from The AIM Companies. Green nutrition has been a hallmark of the AIM Companies since 1982. I have enjoyed my AIM Barley Life every day now since 1997. I will not go a day without it. If I am ever summoned to an island and can only take two things, I will take my Bible and my Barley Life!  I benefit greatly from its alkalizing and anti-inflammatory properties. It really is a whole food that your body knows how to utilize.

For those young and old that are not crazy about the taste, there are the yummy and super nutritious CoCoa Leaf Greens! My kids love it. It has all the chocolate flavor with the nutritional benefits of nutrient-dense greens. It provides a rich source of plant antioxidants that protects against free radicals, and assists in the relief of allergy symptoms.

Brown Box Veggies also supplies a wonderful variety of delicious local greens in their veggie boxes. I love their fresh produce boxes. See how you can get your box at: www.brownboxveggies.com.

Isabelle Carroll