Refreshing Smoothies at USC

Refreshing Smoothies at USC.png

I was recently invited by Dr James Hébert of Cancer Prevention and Control Program at USC, to present a smoothie demonstration to him and some of his colleagues. It was such a privilege. I decided to make my Blueberry Kale ProPeas breakfast smoothie, as well as a green smoothie and a chocolate smoothie. They thoroughly enjoyed the smoothies. I felt relaxed and at ease as I made the smoothies and spoke about the health benefits of the ingredients that I was using in them. As I was standing before them, I realized how happy I was, doing what I did came so naturally.  Sharing my love of healthy food and the message of good health is truly my passion – it allows me to demonstrate my tremendous love for people. What an honor!  

I have so much respect for Dr. Hebert and his colleagues and what they are doing in and through this program.  I am excited to share their work with my network of friends and colleagues and how I might play a role in encouraging health through good food.   My mom is a cancer survivor, so I understand personally how vital and life-changing this work is – I have seen healing take place time and again.   

This was a special evening with Dr. James Hébert and friends at the Columbia's Cooking! research demonstration kitchen which is part of the Cancer Prevention and Control Program at USC.  I am grateful that my smoothie demonstration was well-received, and with the help of Columbia's Cooking! and its state-of the art research demonstration kitchen,  I look forward to reaching a larger audience and to future collaborations with Dr. Hébert and his colleagues.

Isabelle Carroll