Maintaining a Healthy pH

Maintaining a Healthy pH.png

At a Nutrition Book Camp I learnt about the importance of maintaining a healthy pH. As always I make snacks or a meal that is relevant to the week’s topic,  I threw together a delicious kale salad and made a green smoothie. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Always remember that  best sources of alkalizing foods are leafy greens. We can positively affect our pH by consuming just one green juice, a green smoothie or barley grass juice daily. These are all powerful ways to alkalize the body.  In order to release built up acidic toxins we need to first neutralize them with alkaline elements to then be released from our systems.

When we eat raw, organic, plant based, fiber rich, nutrient-dense foods that nature has provided to us in abundance we are eating the best fuel and building blocks for your body.

Isabelle Carroll