Are your lips dry and cracked?

Are your lips dry and cracked?.png

The last couple of days I have seen many people using chap sticks and my lips have also been a bit on the dryer side. I wanted to share with you what I feel really helps to solve this problem.

It is a very common problem and can be strongly related to hydration, sun and wind exposure. But, I find that adding a few important foods to your diet will help you spend less time moisturizing. Your skin will also glow. This time of the year, the air is dry. Increasing your intake of essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) is vital. Vitamin E found in avocado, nuts, seeds, wheat germ oil, whole grains, dark green vegetables. Vitamin A found in carrot juice and egg yolk and B12 found in poultry, fish, eggs and grass fed beef are also important.

Incorporating wild Alaskan salmon and 1 Tablespoon of cold-pressed coconut oil into your smoothies each day may help too.

Isabelle Carroll